5 seafood to savor in Halong, Vietnam

5 seafood to savor in Halong, Vietnam

Icon April 26, 2017
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A trip to Vietnam is also referred for many traveler as a a discovery of taste and aromas. Whether you off for a  Halong Bay cruise and or you know that the area is known for its seafood and is a place where fishermen boats sail away to the mystical landscape. So, let’s explore the unique delicacy and find out what are the top 5 dishes to be savored in the Halong Bay, Vietnam:

Cha muc chien – fried cuttlefish

If there is only one food that you shouldn’t miss when you visiting Halong Bay it’s for sure the “Cha muc” which is the friend cuttlefish flavored with local herbs and is definitely one of a very popular seafood in Vietnam, you can taste it almost everywhere. However, the most popular place to savor this food is in Halong Bay because the secret recipe comes from the freshness of cuttlefish. You can eat “cha muc” with different dishes: with sticky rice – “Cha muc an voi xoi trang” or with Vietnamese ravioli – “Banh cuon cha muc”

cha muc chien

Banh da be be – Shrimp vermicelli soup

The “Banh da be be” which is a vermicelli soup that is often served with tofu, shrimps, and vegetables. This seafood option is available almost everywhere in Halong city as well as the areas near the pier, this is a seafood that you can’t miss it when in the area.

banh da be be halong

Sa sung – Sea worm

The “Sa sung”, is eaten grilled or roasted and served with fresh cold beer specially in the heat of the summer, this specialty of Halong never disappoints food lovers. Try it and you will remember its refined flavor. Moreover, the Sa sung carry therapeutic virtues against asthma in Asian medicine! A kilo of dry Sáng cost around $100.

sa sung halong food

Ngan – Clam

Halong and its delicious culinary never end up surprising anyone! Ngán is a clam-like species found only in Vietnam in the Quảng Ninh province and in the gulf of Tonkin where Halong Bay raises from the bottom of the emerald sea. Ngáns can be cooked in several ways: roasted, steamed, boiled, sautéed with noodles or vegetables.

Ngán Quảng Ninh

Oc – Sea snails

Vietnamese people love sea snails. Halong region offer a unique and variety of different sea species including snails (“Oc”). Sea snail often served in different way such as:

  • “Oc Mong Tay Sot Me” – snails with a tamarind sauce
  • “Oc Tu Hai Xao Tuong ot” – snails with a spicy sauce
  • “Oc Gai Nuong” – grilled and sometimes stuffed snails

oc sea snail

Dont miss Vietnam’s special seafoods in Halong Bay

There are a large number food that can be listed in your menu, however, we only listed top 5 that you should try when you are visiting Halong Bay. To plan your stay in Halong Bay we suggest you to opt for a package that is often offered on 2 and or 3 day packages. Start planning your trip with our Vietnam travel packages