Cambodia Travel Tips & advice including temples of Angkor Wat

Cambodia Travel Tips including insider tips and Advises

Traveling to Cambodia? Find out comprehensive Cambodia travel tips and advice in order to plan a better trip while in the country, inside Cambodia with everything you need from visa, best time to travel, top places to visit, temple touring and much more

Cambodia Travel Tips – Advice and Insider Guide

Unless a tiny country but it has a great history to make you planning your next vacation to Cambodia, must of travelers are booking their tickets and come and explore as day go, but, that is not what a real visit to destination Cambodia should be, you may visit Angkor Wat, stay at beach in Sihanoukville, travel to Phnom Penh and visit the mesmerizing floating villages, however, a good and informative plan will be the best bet, make sure to read above Cambodia travel tips first

cambodia travel tips

Cambodia travel tips – visiting temples

For visiting Cambodia many travelers first opt for a few days stay in Siem Reap from where a temple touring in Cambodia’s most iconic site could be visited, the Angkor Wat temple complex is a site dedicated to the Ancient Khmer empire dating back to the 11 century built by¬†Suryavarman II – the temples sometimes takes a week to get them fully explored but as an advice from our travel expert you might spend a 3 day on a guided tour for a absolute visit. Make sure to check the Cambodia tour packages out.

Some travelers are keen to pay a visit to lesser known area when traveling in Cambodia, for such a destinations you may take note to explore Battambang, Kratie, Koh Ker and more remote area in between. Island hopping is another great experience that everyone would like to include into their vacation in Cambodia, there are options for beach holiday vary from budget choices to mid-range and high end luxury resorts in private island.