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Laos is bounded to the north by China, to the northeast and east by Vietnam, to the south by Cambodia, to the west by Thailand, and to the northwest by Myanmar (Burma). Laos is a fascinating country to explore. Laos has a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons – a wet season (runs from May until September) and a dry season (runs between October and April). According to experienced travelers, the best time to travel Laos is from September when the summer rains finish to the dry season right around until April.


50 Milions


230.93 km2




Lao Kip




GMT +7


The current capital city of Laos is Vientiane. With its tree-lined boulevards, fading French colonial architecture and impressive Naitonal monuments and temples, it certianly creates a great first impression. Close by are areas of impressive beauty including Buddha Park, a fascinating collection of Buddhist sculptures; Nam Ngum Lake; and Vang Vieng, the place to come for soft adventure, trekking, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing.

The wild, mountainous Northern Laos offers fantastic trekking opportunities. A homestay experience in one of the many ethnic minority villages is highly recommended. As much of the region is proected national park, the wildlife watching opportunities are great too, particularly in Nam Ha National Park. 

Xieng Khuang is most famous for the Plain of Jars, a mysterious collection of stone jars said to be about 2500 years old. The area is also home to the Hmong people. Further east lies the remote province of Hua Phan, close to the Vietnam Border. Anyone venturing this far is in for breathtaking mountainous scenery, colourful ethnic minority tribes and the mysterious underground city at Vieng Xai.

Pakse is the gateway to southern Laos. Generally regarded as the most peaceful and laid-back region of Laos, the area includes a whole host of attractions all within a short drive or boat ride such as 4000 Islands, Bolavan Plateau or Xi Pian.

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