A cruise Journey in Laos’s Mekong Delta

A cruise Journey in Laos’s Mekong Delta

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A holiday to Laos where you will be in a destination that is among the few only landlocked place in Asia. And, by this name, when you hearing a cruise journey in Laos you might be asking yourself how this possible? Mekong Delta also flows through Laos and is not only an important basis for the local population to irrigate their fields and produce food, but has also developed to serve the Laos tourism in recent years, there are several small to medium sized cruises that sail through this magical waterway.

A cruise Journey in Laos’s Mekong Delta

Start of the some of the cruise trips is in Pakse in the south of Laos. From here, you will first visit the Vat Phou Temple, which dates back to the 10th century. By boat, the trip continues to Si Phan Don (referred as 4000 islands), an area of the Mekong River, where the river has already attained a considerable size, and surrounded by countless islands that the area was renamed to 4,000 islands. A place that should be in your Laos bucket list whether you do a cruise tour or not, this area is considerably worth to visit.

mekong river in 4000 island laos

Many of the islands are inhabited and you have the opportunity to visit them and get to know the relaxed lifestyle of the locals. You can also visit the island of Khone, which used to be a French colonial station. About half of the islands are flooded completely during rainy season, which is why a trip to Laos during the dry season is advisable. You should also visit the Huei Thamo Village as well as the legendary Oum Muong Forest Temple. There are dozens of other activities such as watching the rare Irrawaddy river dolphins and or Kayaking through the Mekong. Make sure to read when is the best time to visit Laos

4000 island laos

After some relaxing days on the Mekong and its islands, you can go back to Pakse by boat or by land. Pakse is not one of the most populous cities in Laos, but is relatively considered as an ideal starting point to travel to Thailand or Cambodia after you done your trip in Laos.

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