A Hanoi address - the only representative in Vietnam at the top 100 best restaurants in Asia

This is a name quite familiar to the gourmet world in Hanoi - T.U.N.G dining

T.U.N.G is name of the chef. It also represents the restaurant's core values: Twisted, Unique, Natural, Gastronomique.

Recently, The Worlds 50 Best page decided to announce the number from 51 to 100, officially increasing to the top 100 restaurants, in addition to offering the top 50 best restaurants in Asia. That is why we are honored to have a unique Vietnamese name on the list of Asia's 100 best restaurants. That is a famous restaurant located in Hanoi: Tung Dining.

Tung Dining is a restaurant in the heart of Hanoi, near the Church. With the tasting menu model, this restaurant is regarded as a creative kick in the heart of Hanoi's capital.

Tung Dining has become a familiar and well-known name in the gourmet world despite the fact that it has only been open for a little more than two years, since the end of 2018. The products here are valued not only for their taste and appearance, but also for their high meaning and culinary properties.


Some products of Tung dining:









Other names on this list include Sugalabo (Tokyo, Japan), Onjium (Seoul, Korea), Quince (Bangkok, Thailand), and so on.

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