Top activities in Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is one of Hue's most popular eco-tourism destinations. Bach Ma National Park, with its high biodiversity and magnificent natural landscapes, promises to provide visitors with a variety of experiences as well as pleasant moments.

Conquer Bach Ma Peak and enjoy the panoramic view from Hai Vong Dai

Bach Ma Peak, also known as Hai Vong Dai, is the highest point in Bach Ma National Park, standing at 1,448 meters. There is an observation point here with a fantastic view over the national park's valley and mountains, Hue city, and Lang Co beach. There are only two methods to reach Bach Ma's peak:

  • Option 1: It provides a trekking track to the peak, however it is fairly difficult.
  • Option 2: There is a road (summit road) that runs nearly the entire length of the mountain.

Choáng ngợp trước vẻ đẹp kỳ vĩ của núi rừng Bạch Mã | VOV.VN

Swim at Ngu Ho (Five Lakes): Following the stream, this trail leads to all five lakes of Ngu Ho Lake. Ngu Ho Lake is made up of five separate lakes at various levels. All of the lakes are lovely, but the third is widely regarded as the most beautiful. There are also waterfalls all around the lake, providing a beautiful view. It is possible to cool yourself throughout your trip by swimming in the lake.

Trek to Do Quyen (Rhododendron) Waterfall 

Starting at the 10 kilometer point, this hiking trail takes you through the jungle to the spectacular Do Quyen Waterfall. Do Quyen Falls is the most magnificent waterfall in Bach Ma National Park. The lovely flower blossoming in March is known as "Do Quyen." If you happen to be visiting the national park during this time, be sure to check out this waterfall. Despite the fact that this hike takes about an hour, it is well worth it. This excursion necessitates not only physical stamina but also considerable planning. Climbing down the more than 600 steps to the base of the waterfall is an option.

Thác Đỗ Quyên Or Do Quyen Waterfall Bạch Mã National Park - Scooter Saigon  Tour

Discover wildlife in Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is a favorite destination for nature lovers as well as an ideal calm getaway. There are 2147 species in the flora, including several rare and expensive orchids, ferns, and frankincense. Moreover, among the 1,493 animal species listed, many new mammal species have been identified in Vietnam, including the saola, the Truong Son muntjac, and the enormous muntjac. Taking trail treks in Bach Ma Park is a priceless opportunity to see and learn about the park's diverse ecosystem.

Travel Guide to Bach Ma National Park in Hue

Visit Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery, located at the foot of Linh Son Mount, is a must-see during your visit to Bach Ma National Park. The monastery is surrounded by Truoi Lake and may be reached through a 15-minute boat ride. After climbing 172 steps to the Three-entrance Gate, the open view of the surrounding architectural works and the lovely lake will charm you.

Truc Lam Bach Ma zen monastery - a charming spiritual tourist destination -

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