Buon Ma Thuot – Coffee Tour

Buon Ma Thuot is famous for coffee. The town's coffee is smooth and rich, with a hint of chocolate. The locals drink it either extra strong or extra sweet, with condensed milk and ice.

Full itinerary

Day tour Buon Ma Thuot – Coffee Tour (L)

In the morning:

Tour guide and driver pick up guests around 8am and depart to some places of coffee farms, plantations, factories…

You will be given some overall information about Buon Ma Thuot coffee industry as history of coffee trees in the Central Highlands and Vietnam, Buon Ma Thuot brandname and geographical indication (GI), the best robusta coffee exporter, coffee culture and value…

Kien Cuong Civet Coffee:

  • Learn how to raise and care the civets. Coffee gardens where civets eat beans in season.
  • Learn how civets to produce civet coffee considered “a distinctive taste and flavour coffee”.
  • Taste cup of civet coffee (at your own’s account).

Trung Nguyen Coffee village:

  • Distinguish the differences among some kinds of coffee trees as Arabica, Robusta, Cherry…
  • Drink and sip coffees at coffee house.
  • Shopping at coffee store.

G20 Coffee factory

  • Learn the procedures of coffee bean buying from farmers (wet/dry coffee processings),
  • See how to roast, and grind coffee,
  • Be as workers to pack instant coffee for exporting,
  • Instant coffee for export,
  • Taste pure coffee and cocoa,
  • Buy some coffees as your gifts.

Lunch at local restaurant

In the afternoon:
 Visit the nursery farms:

  • How to select the beans for nursery and transplant.
  • How to care new trees by the farmers.

Visit the coffee platations in Thang Loi farm.

  • Learn how to plant the coffee trees, especially the Robusta in Thang Loi coffee farm such as caring, watering, branch and grass cutting, harvesting, wet/dry processing, selling and buying…
  • Inter-plantings in the coffee farms as avocado, pepper, durian, jack trees…
  • Harvest coffee beans with the local (in seasonal from October to December)
  • Shopping at some coffee handicraft stores…

Price and Condition

What's included:

  • Transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • 01 lunch
  • entrance fees
  • organizational fees
  • 02 bottles of water per person

What's excluded: Other personal expenses.

Price and Condition

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