(Non La) Conical Hat Making Workshop

Crafting a Cultural Icon of Vietnam

Class size: 2 - 12 guests

Duration: 4 hours

The Vietnamese hat, or locally, "Non La," is a quintessential Vietnamese icon. Recognizable at one glance, the conical-shaped hat has been in use for centuries, from farmers to laborers to ordinary men and women who use it for the utilitarian purpose it serves—protection from either rain or shine. It is also fashionable!

Made from simple materials such as palm leaves, the bark of the moc tree, and bamboo, it is surprising that it is durable and sturdy, which makes Non La a great souvenir to take home. Join us at this class for a workshop where you will learn how to make your own non-la. Our host, one of thousands of women who make a living selling Non La to travelers, will guide you as you create your own Vietnamese hat.

Note: A Non La typically has 16 circular frames that support the hat; however, weaving the palm leaves around all 16 frames takes up to 6 hours (to make two Non Las); as such, upon the request of previous guests, we have cut short the duration of the workshop by structuring it to only have 14 circular frames, which results in a slightly smaller Non La.

Full itinerary

Day (Non La) Conical Hat Making Workshop
  • On your vacation, embrace the spirit of handcrafting by creating your own Non La with an expert instructor who makes a living by making and selling them.
  • Discover how simple materials like palm leaves, bamboo, and tree bark come together harmoniously into an elegant and iconic accessory worn by so many in Vietnam.
  • The Non La, a popular souvenir for many as wall decor, can now be personalized and handmade by you!
  • Interact with your enthusiastic and engaging local instructor host and learn about her life in the village, where most women are involved with the Non La trade.
  • This workshop will provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon, as well as a change of pace on your trip. 

Price and Condition

Price is based on a group-sharing tour. Please contact us if you want a private tour for you and your accompanies only.

Inclusive of:

  • All equipment, tools and materials for the workshop
  • Non La to take home with you
  • English speaking facilitator

 Not Inclusive of:

  • Pick-up and drop-off service within Hanoi (can be included at additional cost)
  • Other personal expenses
  • Meals
  • Tips and gratuities (optional)

Price and Condition

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