A must-do list for a perfect beach break in Mui Ne

Mui Ne's long, palm-fringed beaches captivate all types of travellers. It is nestled on a peaceful coastline about four hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Culture buffs visit fishing villages and Cham ruins, families relax with seafood feasts and beach days, and adrenaline junkies seek out sand dunes and high winds (Mui Ne is one of Asia's top kiteboarding destinations). The town's laid-back beach ambiance is enhanced by an eclectic mix of Vietnamese and foreigners. For a first-time visitor to Mui Ne, here are seven must-do activities.

The fishing village in the early morning

Mui Ne's past as a fishing station is worth exploring. The fishing village's market is in full swing shortly after sunrise. Boats converge as fisherman unload crates, trolleys, and motorbikes at rapid speed. Fresh seafood glistens everywhere. It's time for cards and coffee after the catch has been hauled ashore. Women clean fish, aerate bathtubs, and haggle with customers. Remember to arrive early and step out of the way.




Get out on the water and kiteboard if you want an adrenaline rush. The wind picks up in the late afternoon, but it's milder in the morning if you're new to the sport. For a beginner lesson, visit Flyboard Mui Ne or any of the other reputed kiteboarding schools. You'll learn how to draw lines, air kites, strap in, board up, and glide.



A walk along the Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is a peaceful, ankle-deep creek that runs along the edge of a striking red clay and limestone rock formation on one side and a lush green forest on the other. Take off your shoes and go upstream. Before you return, make sure you stop at one of the rest spots for a cool coconut.



Beach, beach, beach

Some days, doing nothing is precisely what you require. Whether or not you stay at a beachfront hotel, many of Mui Ne's beachside hotels provide day passes. Chill on a hammock in the garden or on a lounger by the water, with the calming sound of the waves and reggae sounds in the background. Book a massage near the beach to unwind completely.



The sand dunes for either sunrise or sunset

Mui Ne, located in a coastal desert, is famous for its red and white sand dunes. The sunrise at the white sand dunes is well worth the early morning effort. With chirping crickets, a deep blue horizon, and salty sea air, the 25-kilometer trip wakes the senses. The sky turns wispy pink and purple as you climb the dunes, and the sun shows the wide sandy hills and the ocean in the distance. Head to the red dunes just outside of town for sunset. As the sun sets, try sandboarding down one of the numerous bright orange dunes.



Dinners with seafood by the seawall

There is no better place for dinner than one of Mui Ne's numerous 'bo ke' seafood barbecues along the seashore wall. The freshest seafood is stored in bubbling tanks, while cool beer keeps the humidity at bay. Choose your favorite seasonings and cooking method to make the perfect feast. Fresh oysters, lemongrass clams, garlic scallops, grilled prawns, crispy fish, and chili stuffed squid are all on the menu.


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