Best cuisines to try during your Mekong Delta tour (part 2)

Cong Cake (Bánh Cống) in Can Tho

Cong cake is a popular junk food enjoyed by both locals and visitors to Can Tho. This delectable cake will entice everyone with its appealing appearance and aromatic flavor. Cong cake has a watery rice-flour top with green bean and minced pork wrapped beautifully and discreetly inside. Cong cakes were placed in a large pan of fully boiling frying oil. When the Cong cakes are nearly golden, they will be topped with many shrimps. Cong cake is frequently served with fresh veggies such as Xeo cake and sauce. The sauce, which includes fish sauce, vinegar, and chopped chile, as well as sliced carrot and white radish, substantially influences the flavor of Cong cake.


Sizzling Cake (Bánh Xèo) in Can Tho

Sizzling Cake is a type of Vietnamese fried pancake consisting of water rice flour, turmeric powder, and wrapped with slices of fatty pork, shrimp, diced green onion, and a few bean sprouts. It gets its name from the "Sizzling" sound it makes when it's dropped into hot cooking oil. The crunchy and eye-catching rice flour and turmeric flour cover, together with the juicy and greasy flavor of fatty pork and shrimp, will delight even the most discerning eaters. Sizzling cake is typically served with a variety of veggies and either fish sauce or soy sauce. After tasting sizzling cake for the first time, you will never forget its incredible flavor.


Grilled fermented meat in Cai Rang – Can Tho

Grilled fermented meat is the most famous and delectable delicacy on the Cai Rang Chanel bank. This meal is reported to have been created more than a half-century ago by a woman named Tu Khem. Many people have traveled to Cai Rang for a long time solely to try this specialty.

Cai Rang grilled fermented meat is created with fresh pig puree that has been formed into a ball shape and cooked over flames. Balls of grilled beef strung on a small stick with a sweet-smelling, greasy aroma that will quickly pique your interest. Cai Rang grilled fermented pork is frequently served with vegetables such as green banana, cucumber, starfruit, and herbs. Grilled fermented meat and vegetables, in particular, are frequently wrapped in rice paper and dipped in an unique sauce to add the right flavor to the dish.


Rice cake and roasted meat (bánh hỏi heo quay) in Phong Dien - Can Tho

When visiting Can Tho, the land of "keeping people's hearts," tourists should not miss a visit to Phong Dien, where they can try their hand at farming. You will not only enjoy harvesting, sailing a boat, and collecting fish, but you will also experience a Phong Dien delicacy - rice cake and roasted beef.

Rice cake, as the name implies, is comprised of rice flour that has been mixed with lard and fried green onion. White rice cake is elegantly folded in various shapes and arranged on a dish with brown roasted meat and green fresh vegetables to form a picture of cuisine. Rice cake and roasted pork are sprinkled with fish sauce or soy sauce for a delicious flavour.


Grilled snails soaked in pepper in Can Tho

Snails are placed on the embers after they have been boiled for a few minutes. People poured sot of fish sauce, pepper, garlic, and sugar into each snail's mouth while grilling them. When the snails have dried, they will be removed and placed on the herb plate. Grilled snails have an alluring scent, but their flavor is far more seductive. When you're eating crispy snails and savoring the ideal combination of salty, sweet, a little sour, and spicy, you can't help but say, "Wow!" They are fantastic.”


Steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf in Dong Thap

People in Dong Thap have invented a range of delicacies made from lotus seeds, lotus roots, and lotus leaves, thanks to a big lake of lotus in the summer. One of Dong Thap's most popular and delectable dishes is steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Steamed red rice and lotus seeds will be seasoned with sesame salt before being wrapped in lotus leaves. It's a very tasty dish since the longer we chew, the sweeter the rice becomes. Lotus seeds have a succulent flavor that pairs well with sesame salt and the mild aroma of lotus leaves. People also steam white rice with pork, eggs, sausage, and lotus seeds, then wrap everything in a lotus leaf as soon as the pan is empty.


Lai Vung fermented pork roll in Dong Thap

It would be a pity to visit Dong Thap and not try the fermented pork bun Lai Vung. Despite using the same recipe to make fermented pork rolls in practically every region, Lai Vung fermented pork rolls have a distinct flavor.

People must grind fresh pork, slice skin, and then blend a mixture of ground pork, sliced skin, pepper and chile, and other seasonings to form a roll. This mixture must adhere to a specific ratio: Wrapped in fresh banana leaves and made up of 80% pork and 20% skin. This phase requires deft hands because the mixture must be wrapped neither too thick or too thin, nor too tight or too loose. Following that, folks would ferment wrapped pork and skin for 3 to 4 days. The fermented pork rolls from Lai Vung have a naturally sour flavor. The fleshy flavor of pork, the crispy skin, and the slightly spicy flavor of pepper and chili combine to create the unique and exquisite flavor of Lai Vung fermented pork roll.


Sa Dec-Style Noodle (Hủ tiếu Sa Đéc) in Dong Thap

Sadec-style noodles come in two varieties: tossed noodle and soup noodle. Soup noodle is served in a bowl, whereas tossed noodle is served on a plate. In terms of ingredients, both types of noodle finish with noodles, a few pieces of pork and pig's organs, fried onion, and some sort of herb. Sadec-style noodles have a distinct flavor because the noodle (made from rice flour) in Sa Dec is thicker and crisper. You will appreciate the soft and crispy flavor of the noodle, as well as the natural sweetness of the soup produced from stewed pig bones, which will fulfill your appetite. The only difference between thrown noodles and soup noodles is that tossed noodles are blended with special brown sauce rather than hot soup.


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