Best cuisines to try during your Mekong Delta tour (final part)

Pia Cake (Bánh Pía) in Soc Trang

Pia Cake - a specialty of Hoa emigrants to the south – is one of Soc Trang's most famous delicacies. Pia Cake is a moon-shaped cake made with rice flour, durian, green peas, pork fat, and salted duck egg yolk. Pia Cake was traditionally created with a rice flour cover and green peas and hog fat inside. Nowadays, Pia Cake comes in a variety of flavors with fillings made of lotus seeds, pineapple, avocado, and other ingredients. Pia Cake is smooth and sweet with a rich durian aroma that will entice your taste buds. A mouthful of Pia Cake, a cup of steaming tea, and the tranquil ambiance of the countryside will bring you joy and happiness.


Ngan Dua Tam Cake (Bánh Tằm Ngan Dừa) in Bac Lieu

Tam Cake is a popular junk food in many parts of the Mekong Delta, but the Tam Cake in Ngan Dua Town, Bac Lieu Province is the best. People prepare Tam cake by grinding rice and then blending it with cool water to make watery rice flour. This mixture will be cooked over low heat for an extended period of time. Finally, the mixture will be cooled and the powder will be hand-formed into small fibrils. Tam cake is softer and tastier than machine-made cake because of the unevenness of the fibrils.

Tam Cake, in particular, is eaten with an unique dumpling made of pork and pig's liver. Dumplings are made by combining ground pork and pig's liver and clay seasoned with sugar, garlic, fried onion, and pepper with a touch of rice flour and seasoning powder. This mixture will be shaped into a ball and cooked. Tam cake, sliced pig's skin, julienne cucumber, spinach, bean sprouts, sliced pork, fried groundnuts, and dumpling wrapped in tomato sauce are all on a dish of Tam Cake. Ngan Dua Tam Cake is as cool and fresh as it is sweet and oily, and it will leave you with a lasting impression.


Spicy beef noodles (Bún bò cay) in Bac Lieu

While Hanoi beef noodles have become a hallmark of Vietnamese cuisine for many foreigners, Bac Lieu also boasts spicy beef noodles with a distinct Bac Lieu flavor. Actually, spicy beef noodles are the "cover" for stewed beef, and instead of carrots and turnips, they are prepared with satay, chili, and meat. Spicy beef noodles feature a satay-like red color and an incredibly spicy flavor. It is frequently served with spinach and various herbs, as well as a tiny plate of salt and fresh chile. Soft and greasy beef combined with spicy but tasty hot soup will have people exclaiming as they eat.


Grilled "Climbing" beef (Bò leo núi) in An Giang

In Tan Chau, An Giang province, there is a specialty called "climbing beef." It's worth noting that "climbing beef" does not refer to meat from a cow fed in a mountainous environment. It does, however, have a distinct flavor because it is seasoned with secret sauces. We can see why it's called "climbing beef" based on its settings.

A mountain-shaped griller constructed of iron sits in the center of the table, surrounded by a platter of beef marinated with spices, vegetables, herbs, and soy sauce. First, a slice of hog fat and then butter are placed on the griller and placed on an ember. The aroma of cooked steak, pork fat, and butter is intoxicating. Particularly, no matter how long the meat is grilled, it retains its excellent flavor: tender and flavorful. Grilled beef is wrapped in ricepaper and served with herbs, veggies, green banana, and an unique soy sauce.


Palmyra sweet soup (Chè thốt nốt) in An Giang

Because of the popularity of the Palmyra palm, the An Giang people have created a range of palmyra-based foods, including palmyra sugar, palmyra cake, and ice palmyra water, among which palmyra sweet soup is a favorite summer snack in An Giang in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.

Palmyra sweet soup is a simple dish to prepare. The flesh of the palmyra tree is obtained by peeling the fruit of the palmyra tree. The palmyra sugar will then be cooked with coconut milk until it produces a thick mixture. Finally, they add the flesh of the palmyra fruit to this mixture. It's even better to eat palmyra sweet soup with coconut jelly. Palmyra sweet soup has a natural sweet flavor that will delight diners. Even the most discriminating diners will be satisfied by the fatty flavor of coconut milk and the soft, fragrant, and sweet flavor of palmyra fruit flesh.


Plate of Trich raw fish (Gỏi cá trích) in Kien Giang

Nothing beats sitting on the beach with family and friends and savoring a dish of Trich raw fish. The main element in a plate of Trich raw fish, as the name suggests, is exceedingly fresh Trich fish. Trich fish will be cleaned and seasoned with ginger, chile, vinegar, salt, sugar, and fried onion. Trich raw fish is always served with a range of tropical vegetables with sour, caustic, buttery, and sweet flavors and sprinkled with Phu Quoc's distinctive fish sauce.

You might be terrified of raw fish when you first see it, but after you taste it, you'll realize it's well worth the risk. You'll be surprised that raw fish doesn't stink because of the aromatic vegetables eaten together, the fresh and sweet flavor of coconut, and the strong flavor of distinctive Phu Quoc fish sauce. Overall, you may taste the flavor of the sea and tropical forest in every bite, making you want to eat more and more. 


Fish noodle in Kien Giang

A bowl of fish noodles, despite being a snack, requires a significant amount of time and work to prepare. Snakehead fish is the key ingredient in Kien Giang - style fish noodles. To begin, humans must process fish and chop it into three parts without damaging the organs. Snakehead fish will be cooked after being cut into slices, allowing its delicious and oily water to fall into the steaming soup below. Instead of stewing beef or chicken bones, people broil dried squids, shred them, and then add them to the soup to make the unique soup for fish noodles. There are several fried shrimps in the bowl of Kien Giang –style fish noodles, in particular. This noodle is frequently accompanied by minced chili, bean sprouts, and herbs. It has the natural sweet taste of fish, the crispiness of fried shrimp, and the scent of hot soup.



Ha Tien grilled blood cockle (Sò huyết nướng) in Kien Giang

Catching blood cockle is a popular pastime among fishermen in Kien Giang province's Ha Tien district. Fishermen frequently halt their boats far offshore in the late afternoon and begin capturing blood cockle. After cleaning, the blood cockle will be placed on embers. Blood cockle is grilled and served with spinach and other seasonings. When eating, people frequently open the lips of blood cockles to extract the flesh and water. Blood cockles that are as sweet as they are salty, as tough as they are crispy, are ideally combined with chile and lemon juice. Sitting on the beach in the moonlight, next to an ember, and tasting blood cockle will undoubtedly provide you with a lot of enjoyment.


Ca Mau giant shrimp

Ca Mau is favored with many different types of fish, shrimp, squid, and so on, with huge shrimp being one of the specialties here. Giant shrimp have a unique flavor that is both sweet and delightful. It is simple to process Ca Mau giant shrimp. Popular methods of preparing shrimp include steaming, boiling, grilling, or combining them with salt, pepper, and lemon juice, then sprinkling them with fish sauce, tamarind, and sugar. When you visit Ca Mau, you will have an enjoyable experience looking at shrimp that are red in color and spread aromatic.


Bee worm salad (Gỏi nhộng ong) in Ca Mau

Ca Mau, located in Vietnam's northernmost coastal region, is provided with an abundance of food supply from tropical forests and the sea that cannot be matched to other lands. As a result, Ca Mau food is more unique, intriguing, and spectacular. Bee worm is harvested from the tropical forest of U Minh and has an incredibly buttery, oily, and delectable flavor. After being dunked in boiling water, the bee-worms will be fried in a skillet with fried onion, seasoned with fish sauce, pepper, and a pinch of sugar. People will then slice banana flowers and soak them in salty water. Finally, the fried bee work will be combined with sliced banana blossom, fried groundnuts, various herbs, and vinegar, chili, and fish sauce. On a platter of bee-worm salad, all of the flavors of sweet, sour, salty, spicy, buttery, and oily are wonderfully combined.


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