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What does the Vietnamese flag look like? The flag of Vietnam is red with a five-pointed yellow star in the center.

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History of the Flag

Emperor Gia Long adopted one of the first flags in the 18th century: a yellow banner with a red circle in the center.

South Vietnam's flag was designed at the end of the 19th century and featured three stars that represented the Qian trigram. Later, these stripes came to represent the nation's northern, southern, and central regions.

When France took control of Vietnam in the late nineteenth century, the French flag was flown. Other flags, including the Vietnamese imperial flag, were flown in various regions of the country.

In 1945, a flag similar to the one used today was implemented by North Vietnam. The flag was changed ten years later to sharpen the edges of the star. South Vietnam, on the other hand, flew a yellow flag with three red stripes. When Vietnam was unified in 1976, the North Vietnamese flag was adopted.

Colors of the Flag

Vietnam's flag consists of only two colors. The flag has a red field, which is meant to represent the Vietnamese people's national uprising. The center features a gold five-pointed star that represents the nation's major social classes. These colors have given rise to the flag's nickname, which translates as "red flag with a gold star."

Meaning of the Flag

The Vietnam flag has a simple design, but it has a deep meaning. In the center of the flag is a five-pointed star. Each point on the star represents one of Vietnam's major social classes. Intellectuals are represented by one point. Farmers are represented by the second point. Another point is intended to represent workers. The fourth point represents businessmen, and the final class represented on this national flag is military personnel.

Locals in Vietnam frequently hang the flag outside their houses on special national holidays such as Tet, Reunification Day, Independence Day, and other traditional festivals. Nowadays, if you visit the country, you will likely see flag symbols printed on T-shirts or other items in souvenir shops.


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