The Best Camping Sites in Viet Nam (Part 2 - The Central Viet Nam)

Recommended places for camping site in the Central of Viet Nam

Trung Luong -  Quy Nhon

Trung Luong picnic spot is roughly 30 kilometers from Quy Nhon city. You can come here to travel and unwind. The scenery is really wild and quiet here. The rocky cliffs and lush green grass are the features of this location.

In the evening, you'll have plenty of opportunities to go exploring, build a campfire, and sing and dance together. Trung Luong campsite is also an excellent location for stargazing.

En cave - Phong Nha Ke Bang National park, Quang Binh

Camping in a cave is bound to bring back a lot of wonderful memories, right? Then come to Hang En in Quang Binh for an unforgettable experience!

However, getting to En Cave requires a rather difficult journey because the entrance to Hang En is located halfway up the mountain, so you will have to follow the streams and climb the mountain to get here. Choose a location with flat terrain and near the cave entrance, according to many people's experience, to receive natural light!

Camping within the cave is thrilling since you may marvel at the glistening panorama created by the cave's massive stalactites!

Van Village - Da Nang

Van Village is a Da Nang camping location located immediately below the Hai Van Pass. This is an excellent camping spot in the Central region that you should not overlook. You can visit this town by boat or by following the tracks because it is completely isolated from Da Nang city.

The atmosphere here is quite tranquil and quiet, which is difficult to find elsewhere. Isn't it wonderful to be able to camp right by the sea, to get up early in the morning and be able to see the sunrise? Don't be afraid to spend the night in a Da Nang camping site!

Glamping Dai Lanh Beach - Nha Trang

The luxurious campsite Glamping Dai Lanh Beach is furnished in a bohemian manner. The elegantly designed tents are set on white beach with a view of the turquoise sea. The surrounding area is shaded by tall casuarina forests. You will undoubtedly love your visit!

Not just with your outward beauty, but also with your inner beauty! The inside of this tent is likewise fully furnished with everything you'll need to have the finest time possible!

Lang Biang mountain - Da Lat

When people think of Lang Biang mountain, they think of one of the highest mountains in the Lam Vien plateau. There's also the folklore of this ethnic couple's deep but tumultuous love affair. Lang Biang Mountain is now increasingly developed as a tourist destination. Rather than ascending the mountain, travelers can ride a jeep to the summit.

Those who want to learn more about this area can spend the night in the mountains camping. Many Vietnamese and foreign tourists choose to camp on Lang Biang Mountain. Camping here provides individuals the impression of being conquered, challenged, and felt more because of its high features and gorgeous perspective.

Tuyen Lam lake - Da Lat

Many lyrical lakes may be found in Da Lat. Two names stand out: Xuan Huong Lake and Tuyen Lam Lake. Tuyen Lam Lake is located in a tranquil suburb, while Xuan Huong Lake is located in the city core. Tuyen Lam Lake is encircled by a dense and enigmatic pine forest. Tuyen Lam Lake tourism has grown significantly in recent years. Around the lake, there are numerous tourist resorts and homestays.

Camping at Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat is frequently coupled with watercraft. Visitors will be able to row a boat down the lake while admiring the calm lake surface and clear blue water up close.

Andante Farm & Lodge Da Lat - The most tranquil homestay and camping place.

Andante Farm & Lodge is located in the heart of a picturesque pine forest, where it is sunny, breezy, with birds chirping and murmuring streams, and there is fog all around. As a result, the route to Andante Farm & Lodge is difficult to navigate; there are no signs and no stretch of aromatic flowers.

If you ever get bored with your current stressful life and just want to "pack your backpack and go," find somewhere just for you-ta-ta, to be: Hanging in a hammock in the middle of a pine hill, immersed in the sound of birds singing, in the warm afternoon sunlight, smelling pine resin, new wood, night dew, cooked food...That is the most comprehensive map of Dalat, leading you to Andante Farm & Lodge.

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