The Best Camping Sites in Viet Nam (Part 3 - The Southern Viet Nam)

Recommended places for camping site in the South of Viet Nam

Campground in Mui Ne

Camping amid the Mui Ne sand dunes is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adventurers. There is a sandy beach that stretches for kilometers. As a result, you can come here to explore and visit Fairy Stream with ease. As a result, this tourist attraction always offers something new to everyone, which is why so many people choose to camp here.

Coco Beach Camp - Binh Thuan 

Coco Camp Beach, which has long been a popular tourist destination, is particularly popular with young people. You will be able to swim or participate in watersports games here because it is a beach camping area. Making a campfire with my friends in the evening, cooking and talking while listening to the sound of waves breaking on the shore is really relaxing.

Ho Coc Campground, Vung Tau

This is a great spot to get out of the sun. You can come here to gaze out at the sea and have a refreshing bath. You can freely explore this Ho Coc campsite, which is very large and located right close to the sea, if you wish to cool down in the heat. Tents with ample blankets, mats, and cushions are available for rent at extremely moderate costs.

Zenna Pool Camp, Vung Tau

Zenna Pool Camp is one of the best campsites around Saigon to visit. The stunning natural surroundings, as well as the camping area, are both quite appealing. This location will be great for young people who want to explore their youthfulness and vitality. In addition, Zenna owns a private beach where you can swim!

Ho Tram campsite, Vung Tau

Anyone who wants to visit Ho Tram will find it to be a tourist paradise. It is surrounded by beautiful natural landscape. Because the distance is not too great, you can arrive here by motorcycle or automobile. It'll just take you around 30 kilometers to get there.

Ba Den Mountain - Tay Ninh

The camping site in Ba Den mountain is certainly not strange for people who enjoy traveling or camping. With a height of over 900 meters, this location is also known as the "roof of the South." Standing on top of a mountain and looking down on the peaceful plains below will undoubtedly provide you with many unforgettable experiences.

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