Top 5 things to do in Mai Chau

The proximity of Mai Chau to the capital makes it a great getaway for nature enthusiasts. Small ethnic minority villages dot a patchwork of rice fields, which are framed by lush green mountains. If you decide to spend a night or two engrossed in this lovely destination, don't miss the activities listed below to experience rural Vietnam at its best.

Ride your bike around the valley

The greatest joy you'll have in Mai Chau may be exploring the many calm ribbons of walkways that connect clusters of stilt dwellings. Riding through small towns and paddy fields, it doesn't take long to feel like you've found your own private nook.

Make plans for a day hike

Spring for a kayaking tour on Hoa Binh Lake, a lovely body of water surrounded by jungled hills, for a full day journey. Alternatively, visit Pu Luong Nature Reserve, where cold, fresh streams meander through the forest, feeding waterfalls and azure pools.

Look for handcrafted items made in the area

Intricate fabrics produced by skillful weavers on ancient looms abound in Mai Châu. A little light haggling is to be anticipated. On Sunday mornings, ethnic minorities dressed in their finest traditional garb flock to the morning market.

Sleep in a homestay

Lac and Pom Cong are two great homestay tourism settlements in the Mai Chau Valley. White Thai families in both communities provide basic stilt houses in an ideal environment of green jungle, limestone outcrops, and mountain peaks.

Take a meal with the locals

The White Thai are known for their great hospitality, but they are also fantastic cooks who provide delicious home-cooked feasts for dinner. The meals offered at the homestays in Mai Châu may be among the greatest you'll have had in Vietnam.


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