Top outdoor activities in Dalat

The magnificent natural beauty of a highland surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes, and waterfalls draws visitors to Dalat. Dalat's varied landscape provides a variety of options for adventurous travelers, including trekking, mountain biking, white water rafting, and canyoning tours.




Dalat has something for everyone, from moderate hiking treks to intense forest trekking tours. Samson Mountain Top, Tiger Falls, and Elephant Mountain are among the most popular trekking routes.

The peak of Samson Mountain stands 1700 meters above sea level, providing a bird's-eye perspective of Lang Biang Mountain. The path takes you through pine trees and a beautiful vegetable-rich forest. Your day will end with a break and a swim in the lake. This route is worth a half-day excursion (6 hours).

Tiger Falls is 50 meters tall and runs along a 100-meter stream surrounded by pine trees, tropical jungles, and mountainous landscapes. After reaching the fall and enjoy swimming there, you will continue passing charming suspension bridges and pine forests to an K'ho minority village, where you'll have the opportunity to learn about their life and how they cultivate coffee. Prepare for a long day of strenuous trekking.

The hike to Elephant Mountain begins at the beautiful Tuyen Lam lake. Trekking to the mountain's summit will take you through broadleaf evergreen ecosystem and pine woodland. The expedition will conclude at the iconic Chicken Village. It is the home of the K'ho and Chill ethnic communities. This route is a full day intermediate hike.


Mountain biking

Dalat's mountainous terrain accommodates both amateur and professional cyclists. The four most fascinating riding routes in Dalat are shown to you right now.

First, the route to the North of Dalat towards the well-known Lang Biang Mountain and Valley of Love is a long half-day tour that ends after 3 to 5 hours of cycling. There are different loops for you to choose from if you decide to cycle shorter or longer. The scenery along the trails is stunning, including views of Lang Biang Mountain, the highest mountain in Dalat with a height of 2169 meters.

Second, the Elephant Falls and Pongour Waterfall bicycle trip is Dalat's most popular. The entire excursion is 30 kilometers long and allows you to appreciate the countryside life as well as several well-known local sites. You will visit the K'ho ethnic tribe and tour their coffee fields and vegetable farms. Following your rest in Ta Nung village, you will pass via a cricket farm, a rice wine factory, and a local silk farm.

Third, the Tiger Fall mountain biking path is ideal for experienced bikers. The entire route is 30 kilometers long, with the most of the time spent riding up and down hills on single trails. During the journey, you will also get the opportunity to visit vegetable farms and rural minority settlements. If you want to push yourself to a higher level of riding, the 33-kilometer lopsided road trip is for you.

Last but not least, one-day cycling from Dalat to the coast is definetly a fabulous experience for you. Cycling from Dalat hill-station city to Nha Trang beach city is a fantastic option for bikers. Alternatively, 70+ km cycle to Mui Ne would take you down over 950 meters as you pass through pine and jungle forested valleys.


White water rafting

White water rafting experiences are offered on the Don River from May until January of the following year. The 12-kilometer-long river with numerous rapids serves as inspiration for individuals interested in outdoor recreation. This activity requires strong physical fitness and the ability to swim. Da Don white water rafting is the only one offered in Vietnam. The entire voyage of the water is 10 kilometers long, with ten stunning rapids and other gorgeous countryside stretches.

This's a full-day trip from Dalat, with a total of three hours on the water. You can enjoy your experience after being trained and tested on easy rapids. You'll also see Dalat's landscape, a few more farms, and the Elephant waterfall. You will observe how simple, calm, and beautiful life is in Dalat's countryside. You can paddle in the tranquil river portions during the water tour. The high waterfalls and rapids are the high point. You will feel strong emotions and make close friends with the people you paddle with on a boat excursion.



In addition to the adventure described above, visitors to the Datanla waterfall can participate in a Canyon tour, which includes a variety of difficulties. You will be attending a professional training course that will be outfitted with international support equipment.

There are six intriguing difficulties in this game.

  • The first task is an 18-meter cliff abseil.
  • The second challenge is to zipline down the fall to the river.
  • The third challenge is to slide water down a 3-meter-long waterfall.
  • The fourth challenge is to go canyoneering with a 20-meter waterfall (highest waterfall)
  • The fifth task is to jump freely from a height of 12 meters.
  • The sixth task is the "washing machine" climax: waterfall abseiling.

The zipline across the waterfall is the most exciting of these tasks. You must train a lot for this game so that make sure your hand is strong enough to handle the weight of your entire body. You will begin by practicing easy exercises such as climbing with low-level strings. When you are more confident, you can go to the upper level and enjoy discovering Dalat in your own unique style.


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