What to expect on the Phu Quoc island?

What to expect on the Phu Quoc island?

Vietnamese people are most familiar with Phu Quoc for its high-quality fish sauce and pungent black peppers. However, the island is also known for its beautiful white sand beaches and delectably fresh seafood. It has recently attracted the attention of sun-seeking tourists who can't get enough of its warm waters and coastline surroundings. Actually, there isn't a shortage of reasons to spend a vacation on this island. Let's look into it.

Beaches, beaches, beaches

Phu Quoc consists of one big island (the largest in Vietnam) and 21 smaller islets. Bai Sao is a popular stretch of sand with both public and private areas that are serviced by local restaurants providing chilled coconuts and grilled fish. If you prefer solitude, head to Vung Bau on the western shore, where you may enjoy the entire beach to yourself. Ong Lang Beach is a long, clean beach ideal for families, Ganh Dau Beach is a hidden gem in the island's north, and Bien Ba Keo Beach is ideal for watching the sunset. Choose your flavor.

Above all, don’t forget to hire a boat or take a tour to go snorkeling off the An Thoi archipelago in the south, where you'll find beautiful beaches and underwater reefs. 

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Five-star resorts

If you enjoy a touch of luxury on your trips, Phu Quoc will offers plenty of opportunities to do so. From the university-themed JW Marriott Phu Quoc to the nature-embracing bungalows at Nam Nghi Resort to the wellness-inspired villas at Fusion Maia, award-winning resorts have claimed stunning areas of the island, and there's a fantastic variety of alternatives to pick from.


Cool island excursions

A big national park covers a portion of the island, and you may kayak on the Cua Can river or go on nature excursions to admire ancient trees. Several farms on the island, including Phu Quoc Countryside and Phu Quoc Bee Farm, provide guided tours and enjoyable tasting sessions to guests. Combine attractions on a motorbike or jeep tour to uncover hidden gems across the island at your leisure.


Hon Thom cable car

Hon Thom, or Pineapple Island, is linked to the mainland by an eight-kilometer cable car, one of the world's longest. Don't leave Phu Quoc without experiencing this breathtaking trip, which lasts approximately 15 minutes one way. The Sun World Cable Car boasts huge windows that allow you to gaze out at the fishing boats, forested islands, and sweeping turquoise sea far below. Take a free shuttle to Hon Thom beach on the island for a swim in the water.

Theme park

If you're visiting Phu Quoc with your family, you'll be pleased to know that the island is well-equipped with activities for people of all ages. We propose spending an afternoon at VinWonders Phu Quoc's water park and amusement park. One ticket grants entry to the entire park, which includes unlimited rides, a 5D movie, indoor activities, and water fountain displays. Vinpearl also has a safari park and a golf course nearby.


Sailing Club is unlike any other place on Phu Quoc. This elegant venue on pristine Long Beach takes just as much pleasure in its appealing meal as it does in its musical lineup and flawlessly poured beverages. Come for the nutritious brunches, stay for a few laps in the infinity pool, and stay for the fire dancing show at 7:30 p.m.


Rock Island Club, located on a small island about two minutes by boat from the mainland, is another popular destination for bargoers. Purchase a ticket to the Nam Nghi resort for a night of absolute delight. Choose from a seat on the rocks, bean bags on the wooden deck, or rattan sofas for the best views of Phu Quoc's stunning tropical sunsets.


The abundant waters surrounding Phu Quoc provide an essential source of income for the island's fishing families. Many fishermen collect anchovies, which are then meticulously processed into the island's famous fish sauce.

When staying on Phu Quoc, visitors can also enjoy the benefits of the abundance of the sea. Take advantage of your trip by having lunch at a floating restaurant on the water and stopping by the bustling night market for a memorable meal of barbecued seafood.


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