Cao Bang

Belonging to the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, on the northeast border with China, Cao Bang is home to many ethnic minority communities.



Cao Bằng is a city in northern Vietnam. It is the capital and largest settlement of Cao Bằng Province. It is located on the bank of the Bằng Giang river, and is around 30 kilometres away from the border with China's Guangxi region.

Best time to visit Cao Bang

The best time to visit Cao Bang is during the dry season, from October to April. However, rainy season — from May to September in North Vietnam — can be beautiful, just be prepared for hot and humid weather.  

Let’s discover Cao Bang with the following must-see stops.

  • Ban Gioc Waterfalls

Ban Gioc located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang Province is the most majestic and beautiful waterfall of Vietnam, the biggest in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest in the world. The water crashes over the 30-meter creating a roaring which echoes across the land. The cascading water set against the back of the immense mountains is a uniquely captivating sight.

>> Ban Gioc waterfall - the best-known waterfall in Vietnam

  • Nguom Ngao Cave

Tourists visting Ban Gioc Waterfalls usually explore Nguom Ngao Cave which can be found just a short distance away. The name means Tiger Cave and for a long time the cave lay dormant as local legend told of tigers who inhabited the cave. This cave is listed among the most beautiful caves in Vietnam for its miraculous stalagmite towers, curtains, and crystalline flowers.

  • Thang Hen Lake System

Surrounded by mountains, Thang Hen Lake are made up of 36 miniature lakes that are all connected through caves and underground passageways. Small wooden boats wait on the shores of the lake to take visitors on a voyage around the lake, the perfect way to bask in the beauty of both the mountains and the lake.

  • Pac Bo Historical Complex

Pac Bo Historical Complex is a memorial and museum founded on the site where the president - Ho Chi Minh began his revolution. From this museum, you can see Pac Bo Cave which is not only famous for its incredible beauty but also as Ho Chi Minh's sanctuary after his return from exile in China. The cave still displays Ho Chi Minh's modest living conditions settled in amongst the fascinating karst rock formations.

  • Local food

The food in Cao Bang is mostly typical of that in the North with some specialities of its own. Xoi tram Cao Bang is a regional take on the classic Vietnamese dish sticky rice which is mixed with fruit from the Carnarium tree to give it a rich purple colour. Bees are another interesting feature of the Cao Bang cuisine. Bee larvae are collected in autumn and either fried with sour bamboo shoots or added to hot rice porridge.

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Explore in Cao Bang

The province's extraordinary diversity makes it a spectacular place to explore, especially for adventure travellers.

Tours from Cao Bang