Kon Tum is one of the most favourite destinations in Vietnam’s Central Highlands with dramatic scenic natural beauty surrounded by lakes, mountains, cafe plantations and a tropical rainforest.



Top things to do in Kon Tum

  • Visit the Wooden Church

The Wooden Church was built in 1913 by a French pastor with the blend of European architecture and the traditional homes of Central highland. Visiting this church, tourists will see the amazing value culture in term of custom and tradition of Tay Nguyen ethnic Group displayed inside the church.

  • Relax in Mang Den Ecotourism Area

Located 60 km northeast from KonTum city, Mang Den pine tree forest is knowned as “ the second Dalat”. Covered by rows of tall green pines tree, the climate in here is really comfortable with the cool fresh air and the temperature about 19, 20 degrees C. This will be unforgettable sensory experience in the outside activity with discovering some small streams flow, getting lost in the beauty of Pa Sy waterfall and visiting the beautiful Hydrangea flower. The Mang Den forest will be a truly astounding destination when you are planning for a trip to KonTum.

  • Explore Chu Mom Ray National Park

About 30km from the city center to the West, visitors to Kon Tum cannot miss Chu Mom Ray National Park. This is the only national park in Vietnam sharing the border with Laos and Cambodia. Tourists come here to admire the natural beauty, the rich diversity of the national park ecosystem. It is a home of 1,500 flora and 435 fauna species living harmony in the forest.

  • Eat like the locals

Herbs salad is the most famous food attracting tourists in Kon Tum. The dish are depicted from more than 40 types of leaves, many are familiar, and some are rare and hidden deep in the jungle of the highlands. Using the leaves to make a cone-shaped container to put some bacon, fried shrimp or sliced pork skin in. The sauce is made of the local’s wine, cooking oil, and eggs. This is a must try because according to the locals, these herbs is the medicines good for your health that you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, like other hihglands, Kon Tum is also well knowned with Corn rice – Com lam, grilled farm pig, sturgeon,...

Best time to visit Kon Tum

November and January when the landscape is lush, the rain is minimal and the weather is temperate, is the best time to visit the Vietnam Central Highlands. The rainy season begins from May until October. July and August are the wettest months.

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Explore in KonTum

Located near the borders of Laos and Cambodia, Kon Tum packs some places for tourists to get around and find out the unique language, culture of ethnic minority communities in their lifestyle like Highland communal house and suspension Bridge – Kok K’lor

Tours from KonTum

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