A tranquil and bright Hoi An during the Covid 19 pandemic

If you've been to Hoi An before, when there wasn't a covid 19 epidemic. The “current” Hoi An will astound you. As it was, there were fewer people but more peace.

It does not imply that the entire city has been shut down and that everything is closed. There are still plenty of places to eat outside, drink, relax, and enjoy yourself. But it would be a lie to claim that everything is back to normal. Many small businesses have closed or are about to close due to a lack of customers or virus concerns. The first places to close were those that relied heavily on Korean and Chinese tourists. However, some streets are gradually becoming very quiet.

Those photos of Hoi An will show you how the Covid 19 Pandemic has changed the city.



 Hoi-an-ancient-town 2





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