Top 5 things to do in Hoi An

Hoi An is a place where the brisk march of progress has slowed to a leisurely amble. The Thu Bon River meanders through this former trading port, past crumbling retail spaces and stained pagodas, while sampans arrive and depart from the old ferry wharf. Outside of the Old Town, two-lane roads cut through swaying rice fields before arriving at a frothy coastline. Stay for a few days, and Hoi An's easygoing beauty and lantern-lit nights may enchant you.

Get lost in the Old Town

From the 15th to the 19th centuries, merchants from China, Japan, and later Europe resolved in Hi An, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic fusion. Bring your camera as you walk through the Japanese Bridge, the Tan Ky ancestral house, and the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall. Read more

Explore My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site located 40 kilometers from Hoi An. The Cham people built these temples, which are nestled in a valley near a shaded stream. The structures that have survived date from the seventh to the thirteenth centuries. Read more

Cycle through the rural areas

Sunrise is a great time to grab your hat and jump on a bike in Hoi An. With fortune, you'll end up in a green field, surrounded by water buffalo swiping their tails. Vegetable farms and frond-fringed ponds can be found in Cam Thanh and Tra Que villages.

Go to the beach

Only a 10-minute drive from the Ancient Town, An Bàng Beach offers seafood meals, sandy stretches, and soothing waves. Bring your books, beach blankets, and bikinis, or hop on a boat to the Chàm Islands' gorgeous beaches.

Please your taste buds

Hoi An dining is sheer joy. Every day, growers and fishermen bring freshly picked vegetables, seafood, herbs, and fruit to the markets. Cao lầu, hoành thánh, and white rose dumplings are three traditional Hoi An dishes. Read more

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