Cu Lao Cham Island, Hoi An, Vietnam – Experience walking under the sea

Cu Lao Cham, the pearl of the East Sea, is a heaven of raw beauty, gorgeous beaches, and the country's richest marine life. However, many of you are terrified of diving and thus miss out on the most valuable gem on Cham Island. Let's put that fear to rest because there's now a game called "Sea Trek" that allows you to conquer the sea without any prior experience.


Vietnam Sea Trek is the only firm that offers Sea Trek Tour - Explore the seabed at Cu Lao Cham with equipment imported from the United States. The Sea Trek excursion in Cu Lao Cham will take you to the World Biosphere Reserve's seabed, where you will witness stunning coral and fish. The current, high-quality equipment system from the United States allows you to explore the seabed at a depth of 5m without needing to swim; simply wear a Sea Trek hat, stroll, and breathe. According to tourists during the tour, seafloor travel is very simple and safe, with a pathway with handrails and always a safe guide educated by the Sea Trek American standard.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Da Nang or Hoi An and taken to the Cua Dai tourist port to begin your excursion. You'll board a speedboat and travel to the attractions before taking a walk on the seafloor.

First, stop in Bai Lang to see the historical artifacts on Cu Lao Cham Island and learn about the local culture and way of life. Museum, Cham Neck, Hai Tang Pagoda, and Market Tan Hiep village are just a few examples. Following the trip, you will arrive at the main section of the program today, walking beneath the Sea. At Hon Nhon, you will board the boat and begin working with the equipment that has already been arranged.

You will be handed a sheet of paper on which to fill out the required information and health pledges. The staff will collect this paper after you have completed the information, examine the information on your medical history, and confirm whether you are eligible to participate in the tour. If everything goes well, you will be able to continue learning the theory of how to use the gadget and how to stay safe while engaging in the activity.

Sea Trek personnel will provide a brief 5-minute instruction video with hand-to-hand symbols between participants and underwater supervisors. For example, you must maintain an erect posture. Because water will overflow into the diving hat or ear balance technique with pressure under the sea if you tilt or bend over.

The practical session follows the theory section, and you will be provided with the required equipment by the staff, as well as a recap of the notes. That is all there is to it. You begin clinging to the ladder and make your way to the water. When you get closer to the sea, the hat gets considerably lighter and more comfortable. You can breathe normally as if you were on land, but remember to keep the water straight.

You're at a depth of roughly 5.5m when your feet just touch the bottom of the water. However, please remain calm because there is a railing at the bottom. You simply stick to it and progress steadily.

When you visit a location with a lot of fish and corals, the staff will give you some bread samples and will show you how to feed the fish. Don't get distracted by the fish swimming around in front of you. There are many other things to look at, such as vivid coral reefs and shapes. In front of your eyes, a magnificent, vivid aquatic world appears. When participating in a Sea Trek tour, you can also utilize an underwater camera (Sea Trek Vietnam will supply a Gopro before the excursion) to capture the unforgettable adventure beneath the sea with coral and marine life.

The instructions will indicate when it is time to "climb up" after about 15-20 minutes. You will travel to Bai Chong to rest and eat lunch, which will include some really appealing seafood specialties. After lunch, you will be free to rest and play at Bai Chong. It is one of the most stunning beaches in Cu Lao Cham. You can now get to the canoe to return to the mainland, and the car will drive you to the hotel to complete your tour today.


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