Nha Trang – wellness lovers’ paradise

Nha Trang is known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning scenery, but visitors may be surprised to learn that this coastal region also boasts a wealth of natural therapeutic resources. Some of Vietnam's best spa resorts set up shop on the city's outskirts, and in recent years, Nha Trang has established itself as a legitimate wellness destination. Here are seven Nha Trang wellness experiences to consider for your trip, ranging from luxury spas to holistic treatments.

I-Resort Mud Baths - perfect for unwinding with family and friends

Natural mud and hot springs in Nha Trang are thought to provide skin-healing properties as well as other health advantages. I-Resort Nha Trang is a popular site for travelers to get their first mudbath experience, and it's only a short drive from the city. The baths are normally 20 minutes long. The mud is warm and liquid, making it ideal for sunburn relief and skin rejuvenation.

I-Resort Hướng tới du lịch đỉnh cao - Suối khoáng nóng I-Resort Nha Trang

Loosen up after a shower by the mineral waterfall or on a lounger by the turquoise swimming pools. The resort has distinct changing areas, spa services, a restaurant, and private rooms that can be rented by couples or groups for an entire day of comfort.

Akoya Spa -  the best place to go for relaxing spa treatments

Akoya Spa Nha Trang | Vinpearl

Akoya Spa, located on Vinpearl Island, is a tranquil haven. The reception area, a calm space with dark wood, latticed walls, and pure white sofas, is your first impression. As you choose your treatment and oils, Akoya Spa will greet you with a minty cold cloth. Use the magnificent jacuzzi tubs and steam facilities in the men's and women's regions before or after your treatment. The spa's bungalows are encircled by gorgeous gardens and around a small lake. You'll undoubtedly feel completely rejuvenated when you leave.

Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa - supreme for a few hours of relaxation

Pure Vietnam could be the only venue in Nha Trang where you can enjoy a world-class Lomilomi massage, but this boutique spa is known for providing high-quality services across the board. Pure Vietnam's proprietor worked as a massage therapist in Australia for 15 years before being drawn to Nha Trang by its tranquil beaches and warm weather.

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa - 14 Ngô Quyền - Thành phố Nha Trang | Fresha

There are just seven rooms in the spa, plus a couple VIP rooms with private showers and saunas. The Lomilomi is the standout therapy, with flowing movements that invigorate and refresh your entire body, but you'll also discover a thoughtful selection of treatments and services, including deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, and professional waxing.

Fusion Resort - the best place to go for Ayurvedic healing

Every reservation at the Fusion Resorts brand includes a spa treatment. Fusion Cam Ranh features 24 treatment rooms and is located on a beautiful beachfront in Cam Ranh Bay. The Ayurvedic-inspired spa menu includes massage therapeutics supposed to balance the doshas, as well as facial and body treatments, nail and hair care, and other services.

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh – All Spa Inclusive, Nha Trang có Miễn Phí Hủy, Bảng  Giá Năm 2021 & Bài Đánh Giá

If you stay at the resort, you'll have access to free yoga and tai chi classes in a zen outdoor pavilion. Guests can pursue wellness in a variety of ways during their stay, including the spa, body movement courses, and nutritious vegetarian menus.

Amiana Resort - the best place to go for relaxing mud baths

Spa & Mudbath - Amiana Resort Nha Trang

Amiana Resort is one of Nha Trang's two five-star coastal resorts. Amiana's on-site spa is tucked away in a distant section of the resort, with a vista of beautiful green hills, down the far end of the beach. In the seclusion of one of their seven open-air rooms, which include a large stone bathtub, a shower, and massage beds, you may experience Nha Trang's legendary mud baths. After that, relax in the spa or take a dip in one of the three swimming areas (salt water pool, fresh water infinity pool, or ocean bay) for a genuinely revitalizing experience.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay - the best option for individually tailored wellness

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is located on a peninsula north of Nha Trang and is accessible by a 20-minute speedboat journey from the city. Six Senses Spa is the resort's award-winning spa, and it provides a wide range of treatments, from massages and cleanses to traditional healing therapies like cupping and acupuncture.

Kỳ Nghỉ Tuyệt Vời | Villa với hồ bơi riêng 3N2Đ + VMB khứ hồi + Ăn sán –  Trúc Nguyễn Travel

Recognizing the wellness movement, Six Senses provides an Integrative Wellness program that combines Eastern therapeutic ideas with results-oriented Western medicine. An in-house wellness expert is also available to provide lifestyle and nutritional guidance, as well as construct individualized spa, workout, and wellness programs.

For ultra-luxe rejuvenation, try: Amanoi

Trải nghiệm đẳng cấp tại Wellness Pool Villa của Amanoi - Fantasea Travel

Amanoi is an universe unto itself, surrounded by dense jungle and overlooking Vinh Hy Bay in the protected Nui Chua National Park. This five-star resort features a wellness area with spacious Spa Pavilions with double beds and ensuite bathrooms, as well as a yoga and pilates class and a yoga pavilion overlooking a serene lake. Participate in a half- or full-day program that includes body exercise, spa treatments, and healthy meals, as well as personalized consultations with in-house wellness specialists.


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