Top 5 things to do in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a sunseeker's paradise, perched on a pristine stretch of the southern coast. Days are spent eating delicious seafood, snorkeling around beautiful islands, and boozing on the sand after dark. This post suggests the most popular activities that a first-time traveler to Nha Trang should not miss.

Visit a beach

Nha Trang Beach is packed with sunbathers during the day. Long Beach, located a few kilometers south of the city, is home to a slew of local seafood joints and surfing spots. If you want to go even further, rent a motorbike and ride to the beaches of Doc Let or Dai Lanh.

Visit historial sites

Long Son Pagoda with its 78-foot-tall Buddha statue, as well as the centuries-old Po Nagar Cham Towers, are a sight to behold. Lesser-known locations, such as the Bao Dai Villa south of Nha Trang, provide insight into the region's past. Read more

Take island tours

Daylong island tours will take you around Nha Trang Bay and a succession of adjacent small islands like Monkey Island, Hon Mun Island, and Yen Island, where you will be met by stunning, unspoilt shoreline. Read more

Unwind with a mud bath

Mud baths and hot springs are two of Nha Trang's most remarkable wellness activities. A number of spa-like facilities are concealed in the hills just north of the city, where you would sit in a therapeutic pool of warm mud before soaking in hot mineral water. Read more

Relax at bars and clubs

Nha Trang puts on a show throughout the day, but its nightlife is unrivaled. International performers and DJs often perform at Sailing Club and Skylight seaside events, while bustling venues throughout town keep the celebration going late into the night. Read more

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