One day Cultural villages tour: Dektu Banar village & Dong Xanh Cultural village

Not yet to be touched by tourism, Central Highlands of Vietnam are still remain its primitive nature and authentic culture. 

De K’Tu Village is home to one of the four traditional Ba Na communities in Kon Dong town, located about 35 kilometers away from Pleiku following national highway 19 towards Quy Nhon.

Dong Xanh cultural village is the small Central Highlands with most celebrated cultural features displayed here. Situated 10km from Pleiku, belonged to An Phu Commune, Dong Xanh shouldn’t be missed on your trip.

Full itinerary

Day 1 De K'Tu Village & Dong Xanh Cultural Village


Pick up at your hotel. Today we will visit 2 culture village in Pleiku.

De K’Tu’s Rong House is the main draw of the village, decorated nicely with high-gabled roof and typical patterns of Bahnar ethnic. Rong house is a type of communal house only seen in Central Highlands gathering the villagers to come and enjoy in most important events. Near the house the people here placed the jars of Can wine used only in the most exciting events.

Enjoy the Gong performance.

On the west of the village is the grave house, much smaller than Rong House but holds equal importance and cultural value.

We also visit Playmorong village and learn that the Jarai minority have an unusual burial custom. Each deceased gets a portrait carved from wood that make the graveyard is an interesting place to see.

Covering a total area of 8ha, Dong Xanh brings all the provinces of Central Highlands into one places. Here and there are Rong Houses, tomb houses, and wooden sculptures displayed. Many flowers and plants of the area are planted around the miniature mountains, lotus lakes, fountain, pavilion, and gardens harmoniously. You can find here the iconic T’rung instruments which is famous across the country has long been considered as the symbol of Central Highlands.

Drop you at your hotel.

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Price and Condition

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