One day Trek to Kon Ka Kinh National Park

Kon Ka Kinh National Park at Ayun Commune, Mang Yang District, 50km away from Pleiku is the paradise for adventurers who love beautiful landscape and rich wildlife. Covering an area of almost 42,000 hectares, Kon Ka Kinh has been named as one of ASEAN Heritage Parks since 2003 with other three parks in Vietnam – Ba Be, Chu Mom Ray and Hoang Lien. The highest point in the national park is Kon Ka Kinh peak on a height of 1748m above the sea.

This is the only national park in Vietnam that includes mixed forest of broad-leaved tree and conifers.

The best time to conquer the top of Kon Ka Kinh National Park is between December and March, which is the dry season in the Western Highland. During this season, the weather is cool and there are lots of flowers blossoming. And local people hold numerous festivals including elephant race festival or buffalo fighting festival.

Full itinerary

Day 1 Pleiku - Kon Ka Kinh National Park

From Pleiku, jump into a car to get to Kon Ka Kinh National Park. After visiting the park for a while, you can go to visit the House of Specimen animals and plants so as to learn about the biodiversity values. Next, go to visit the beauty of wild orchid collection. 

On your trekking path, you can see many kinds of landscape like winding rivers, silver waterfalls, and clean streams. When you’re on the top of Kon Ka Kinh peak, in front of your eyes will be the grandiose scenery of Truong Son mountain range.

Lunch is by your own arranged.

Return to your hotel in Pleiku in the late afternoon.

Price and Condition

Price and Condition

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