Suggested activities for your visit to Phong Nha

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, located 50 kilometers from Dong Hoi City, is a geologically significant site with a rich environment. In addition, this is an excellent location for ecotourism, historical warfare, and natural exploration. Suggested activities for your visit to Phong Nha are listed below.

Cycling through the valley of Bong Lai

The Bong Lai Valley is a beautiful rural valley dotted with farmland and tiny settlements. The Valley currently has a lot of attractions, making it a perfect place to spend a relaxing day or half day in the countryside. Biking through the valley allows you to appreciate the beautiful scenery and the combination of stunning mountains, vast rice fields, and little communities. You'll also get a taste of local life by: visiting Duck Stop, playing with sheeps in Dong Hoi Agritourism Farm, trying Quang Binh cuisines at The Pub With Cold Beer, visiting Wild Boar Eco Farm or exploring Bong Lai Rattan House

Taking a tour of Chay River and Dark Cave

If you enjoy adventurous trips, Chay River - Dark Cave in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park system is a good choice.

Chay River is a tributary of Son River that originates at Chay Waterfall and runs for about 10 kilometers. The waterfall was given the name Chay Waterfall because it sounded like nagging rice. While sailing down the Chay River, you will be able to appreciate the spectacular mountain scenery on both sides, where corn fields spread to create a painting of aquatic animals. In addition, tourists can participate in Zipline or Kayak activities with family and friends.

Dark Cave, with a length of 5.258m and a height of 80m, was discovered in 1990. It is sometimes referred to as "the little version of Son Dong Cave." The cave has various lakes with a peculiar beauty and a water temperature of about 18 degrees. You will also have a wonderful time with the mud bath, which is beneficial to your health. There are many wonderful things to view and enjoy inside the cave!


Phong Nha is an excellent kayaking destination, with gorgeous turquoise rivers and streams snaking around verdant valleys.

Kayak at Oxalis Beach, a private beach owned by the Oxalis Adventure Corporation and located immediately next to the Son River. While kayaking around this gorgeous beach, you may take in the picturesque scenery along two riverbanks as well as the daily life of the locals.

Kayaking can also be done at Chay Lap Water Sports Center, which is located right adjacent to the Chay River. When you come here, in addition to kayaking, you will have the opportunity to participate in additional sports such as water biking, basket boating, and cruise.

Alternatively, you can visit Mooc Stream Ecotourism Site. When you visit this ecotourism site, you can kayak in the Mooc Stream, swim in the refreshing water, listen to the sound of birds singing andview the natural scenery of the woodlands and the turquoise stream.

Visiting Tu Lan Cave

Tu Lan Cave, 70 kilometers northwest of Phong Nha Nha National Park, has it all: beautiful green cornfields, tropical woods, high slopes, underground rivers, and so on.

Tu Lan Cave cannot be visited on your own; instead, you must join a local guide trip. You will have diverse experiences and explore different areas in the cave depending on the period you choose for the tour, which can range from one to four days. Some of the Tu Lan Cave encounters are included below.

  • Trekking mountain roads with rocky terrains
  • Exploring the caves
  • Long and steep hill climbing
  • Swimming in the underground rivers
  • Stream and river crossings
  • Ladder climbing with a safety rope

Trekking through Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Those who are interested in ecotourism can consider joining a trekking tour through the park with a local guide. You will have the opportunity to travel through beautiful green forests and explore a national park with rich vegetation and endemic creatures. The tour guide will assist you in better understanding the national park and will make your vacation more pleasurable. Taking part in the excursion will also allow you to see the area covered by natural rocks, as well as explore the Nuoc Nut Cave. When you enter the cave's small mouth, you'll be greeted by a beautiful world of gleaming stalactites. At the end of the tunnel, there is a cold blue lake where you can photograph stunning moments or submerge yourself.

Exploring Va Cave

Hang Va was discovered in 2012, much later than many others. Hang Va contains some of the most bizarre geology of any cave on the planet. More than a hundred cone-shaped stalagmites emerge from pure green water in this cave, making it a favorite among photographers. To explore the Va Cave, as well as the other caves in Phong Nha, you must travel across uneven forest roads, wade through several rivers and streams, swim in underground rivers, and climb a high-steep slope.

Camping in En Cave

En Cave, which is located near to Son Doong Cave, is one of the most magnificent caves in Phong Nha, with underground rivers and a varied environment.

The trek to En Cave will take you through Doong hamlet, a small Bru-Van Kieu ethnic group community with 40 people living alone in the forest. After a half-hour hike through the forest, you'll arrive at the village, where you may learn about the ethnic people's way of life.

Following your visit to Doong village, you will continue your hike through the forest to the major river that flows along the hill. Climb over big rocks to access the cave from here. After obtaining your tent at the campsite, you can swim in the natural turquoise lake next to the camp before dining in the cave.


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