Top 5 things to do in Chau Doc

The border town of Chau Doc, brimming with lush forests, bustling riverbanks, and brilliant temples, is a compelling place to experience the mixture of cultures and colors that characterize Vietnam's Mekong Delta. Chau Doc's hidden treasures may astound you: bizarre wetlands, ethnic Cham villages, and atmospheric temples. This small town has so many intriguing tales to share that you may need to stay a little while to hear them all.



Tour Tra Su forest cruise

The Tra Su Cajuput Forest is home to over 70 different bird species. This is the ideal place to indulge yourself in natural surroundings, cruising the flooded forest on a tắc ráng (motorised sampan) and learning about the region's biological diversity. Read more

Take a temple-hopping tour

On the slopes of Sam Mountain, there are approximately 200 large and small religious venues. Testimony the local offerings at Mieu Ba Chua Xu, hike through the warrens at Chùa Hang (Cave Pagoda), or marvel at the architectural design of Tây An Pagoda. Read more

Visit the floating village

A tour of Chau Doc's floating village, a 50-year-old fishing community on the Hau River, will give you a closer look at local cultural identity. Houses are built on rafts and double as fish farms, where catfish and snapper are raised for sale.

Discover the Chăm culture

Some of Vietnam's largest Chăm communities can be found in Chau Doc. The islets of Chau Giang and Chau Phong are nestled across the Hau River. Visit the magnificent Mubarak Mosque, tour ancient stilt houses, and sample Chăm cuisine. Read more

Try some of the local cuisine

Chau Doc's food scene features the best of both land and water. The classic bún cá bông điên điển (fish noodle with flowers) never fails to please. Snack on bánh bò thốt nốt (palmyra palm steamed rice cake) to satisfy your sugar craving, and don't forget to try a lẩu mắm (sauce hotpot) dinner.


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