Vietnam's top ten most amazing national parks

Vietnam's national parks and nature reserves are incredibly diverse. The north is densely forested, with staggered rice terraces that change with the seasons. The center is home to the world's largest caves and the country's most audible waterfalls. Mangrove forests and exotic wildlife can be found in the south. Here are the top ten national parks in Vietnam that you should not miss.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park

This is most likely Vietnam's most beautiful and well-preserved natural area. Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, located in Quang Binh province, is home to some of the world's largest caves. The national park, which borders the Hin Namno Nature Reserve in Laos, is nearly 900 square kilometers in size and is frequently used as a stopover on the Ho Chi Minh route.

Hundreds of meters of underground labyrinths can be found in giant limestone mountains that rise to the sky like towers. The flora and fauna are diverse, but it is the extensive karst cave system that has helped Phong Nha - Ke Bang become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more

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Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park is part of the Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO-designated biological site, and is located in the northern section of Phu Quoc Island. The park spans 31,422 hectares of land and sea, with 8,603 hectares dedicated to strictly protected areas, 22,603 hectares to ecological restoration, and 33 hectares dedicated to administration and services. Park is home to over 1,000 plant species and 200 animal species. Phu Quoc National Park is a collection of uncommon old-growth forests with dipterocarps reaching heights of 30 meters. From Ganh Dau village, you may simply go trekking and camping in the garden.

Exploring the summit of Chua mountain - the roof of Phu Quoc with an altitude of 565m on the Ham Ninh mountain range - is a must-do. Read more

Nui Chua national park

This is considered one of the most arid and harsh regions of Vietnam. Nui Chua National Park - Ninh Thuan emerges as a "jewel" in the heart of the desert with blue sea, white sand, colorful coral and spectacular caves and primates hidden under the forest canopy wild. Geographical location is located in the eastern area of ​​District 2 Ninh Hai and Thuan Bac, Ninh Thuan Province, more than 20 km from Phan Rang City. Nui Chua National Park is a place where almost all types of terrain, ecosystems and space are endemic in preserving and promoting the tourism value of this complex ecosystem.

Cat Tien national park

Cat Tien National Park is a nature reserve located in three provinces, including Lam Dong, Dong Nai, and Binh Phuoc. Cát Tiên National Park, in southern Vietnam, is a huge lowland tropical forest and biosphere reserve. Century-old trees, botanical gardens, and recreational pathways can all be found here. From reptiles in Crocodile Lake to endangered primates and unusual birds, the park is home to a broad range of wildlife.

National Park is only of interest to wildlife enthusiasts, but this is not the case. The park offers a variety of activities for thrill seekers, including some of the best trekking, biking, and boat trips in South Vietnam. For those interested in learning about other cultures, there are a number of local communities within the National Park that can be visited, including the Chau Ma and Stieng people. Read more

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Cat Ba national park

Cat Ba National Park was established in 1986 and spans 17,362.96 ha, with 10,912.51 ha dedicated to terrestrial ecosystems (islands) and 6,450.45 ha dedicated to marine ecosystems. The park is located in the Cat Ba Archipelago, which is made up of 366 islands. It is located 45 kilometers east of Hai Phong City, 150 kilometers south of Ha Noi, and borders Ha Long Bay to the north. Cat Ba National Park is located in the UNESCO Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve and shares the distinct scenic beauty of the Ha Long Bay Area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Park also supports a diverse array of terrestrial and marine life.

Visitors can choose to relax on isolated beaches in Lan Ha Bay, trek through primeval tropical rain forest or mangrove forest, discover many unique animal and plant species, and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is a reserve in Bac Kan Province in northeast Vietnam that protects a freshwater lake (Ba Be Lake) as well as surrounding limestone and lowland evergreen forests. It is about 240 kilometers northwest of Hanoi. Ba Be National Park, also known as the Ba Be Lakes, was established in 1992 as the eighth Vietnamese national park. Ba Be National Park protects nearly 100 square kilometers of rainforest, lakes, calcareous peaks, caves, water cascades, and ethnic minority villages. The region has 13 tribe villages, the majority of which are Tay minorities, with fewer Dzao and Hmong. Read more

Yok Don National Park

Yok Don National Park is located 40 kilometers northwest of Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak province in Vietnam's Central Highlands). 

Yok Don National Park opened in 1992. Yok Don is Vietnam's second largest national park and the only one dedicated to the conservation of dry deciduous dipterocarp forests (DDF). DDF are a distinct forest ecosystem type that is home to a wide range of important and endemic species.

Yok Don National Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including 89 species of mammals, 305 species of birds, 16 species of amphibians, 48 species of reptiles, and 858 species of plants, hundreds of freshwater fish species, and thousands of insect species. Many of these species are on the IUCN Red List. Deep in the forest, wild elephants, wild water buffalos, and gaurs roam freely. Yok Don is spread across two provinces: Dak Lak and Dak Nong. It also connects to a large portion of Cambodia's protected forests. As a result, wildlife frequently crosses the border.

Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is Vietnam's first and one of the country's largest nature reserves. This forest stretches across Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa provinces.

Cuc Phuong National Park, with an area of 22,200 hectares, is nestled against Tam Diep mountain. Leaving national highway 12A and following a steep path for 15 kilometers, one kilometer before the forest entrance, you can already breathe pure, fresh air and hear animal sounds. Cuc Phuong is home to approximately 2,000 plant species and 2,600 animal species, many of which are listed in Vietnam's and the world's Red Books. This is one of seven plant diversity hotspots in Vietnam.

The most popular activities for tourists are camping in the forest, observing wildlife, hiking in the heart of the forest, learning about the 300 plus bird species, and boating or kayaking on Mac Lake or Yen Quang Lake.

Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park consists of 14 islands in the Con Son archipelago, located in the South East of Vietnam, in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. Con Dao National Park covers total area of 19,998 ha (including 16 islands and islets) comprising of forest and forestland of 5,998 ha, biodiversity marine protected area of 14,000 ha. The management also covers 20,500 ha of marine buffer area. Con Dao National Park is one of the six National Parks of Vietnam that both conserve forest and conserve marine resources.

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is located in the central province of Thua Thien Hue's Phu Loc district. Many people regard it as the central region's "Da Lat" because of the area's diverse and beautiful landscapes.

The park is located in a mountainous area on the border between the former North and South of Vietnam and is accessible by motorbike or bus from Hue and Da Nang.

Covering an area of nearly 37,500 hectares, visitors are able to gain an insight into the flora and fauna system as well as enjoying splendid views of the majestic mountains and forests. Due to the local weather conditions visitors are also able to enjoy four seasons during the course of a single day. Read more

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